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OhioHealth is a faith-based nationally recognized, not-for-profit, charitable, healthcare organization
serving and supported by the community.
OhioHealth EMS is a multidisciplinary center dedicated to improving patient care by
providing clinical, educational and operational resources for Emergency Medical Services.
Grant LifeFlight, Grant LifeLink and now OhioHealth EMS,
Supporting Those That Serve So Many Since 1982.
Visit our News Blog for Additional Headlines
The Ohio EMS Conference
Monday, May 19, 2014
Greater Columbus Convention Center
A free, fun, educational event
featuring Keynote Speakers Henry Wang MD, Chief Rick Lasky and Paul Pepe MD
Online Registration is Now Available
Franklin County Firefighters/OhioHealth Grant Medical Center
EMS Education Alumni Breakfast
and the annual Excellence in Education Award
The John P. Moore Memorial EMS Award for Excellence
The Ohio EMS Leadership Conference
featuring Keynote Speakers
Henry Wang MD, Chief Rick Lasky and Paul Pepe MD
 Click Here for Information and Free Online Registration
Enrollment is open for our EMT or Paramedic Schools
Classes are now available
Click Here for Information
The LifeLink Update: Issues in Trauma and Critical Care
A Quarterly Continuing Education Conference
February 15 - April 12 - August 9 - November 8, 2014
Click Here for Information
EMS Medical Direction
Experienced OhioHealth Emergency Physicians and
EMS Medical Directors are available.
Click Here for Information
All of OhioHealth's  EMS Resources Are Just One Number Away
Call just one number to reach any of our clinical, educational or operational resources for EMS:
(614)  566-9111
Option 1:  Outreach Education
for Continuing Education Classes (ACLS, BLS, PALS, etc.), Conferences, Human Patient Simulation,
Skills Labs, and Workshops
Option 2:  EMS Professions
for the Franklin County Firefighters/OhioHealth Grant Medical Center EMT and Paramedic Schools
Option 3:  EMS Operations
for Ambulance Access, Clinical Excellence/QA, Customer Service, Equipment Returns, Medical Direction, Patient Care Reports, Patient Follow-up, Research and Development, and Any Other  Assistance
General Information Card
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